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The Simulator

The Simulator An abducted savant unravels the UFO/alien abduction phenomenon.

Lewis is a math savant who sees the world in terms of equations and mathematics. Like most savants, he lacks emotions, feelings, and even the ability to interpret facial expressions. But that changes after a series of alien abductions, which leave him with an unexplained connection to a woman trapped in a dystopian world of rust and steel.

A fluke incident gives Lewis an opportunity to search for the woman imprisoned in the decaying alien ruins. He wants nothing more than to simply meet her and experience the basic social interactions that most people take for granted. Survival alone becomes an arduous task, but the real prize—a normal life together—would place them at odds with an obscure alien agenda... and exact a price that neither is willing to pay.    [Pricing and Availability]

Welcome to the official website of Marcus Malone. Below are a few of the novels and short stories written by the author. Some of the titles below are being released from his private collection for the first time in decades.

The Simulator The Last Apprentice Redemption Trail Firefall

Currently four novels by Marcus Malone are available:

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Short Stories...
Child The Road, The Load, and The Tree Toad

Two of Marcus Malone's short stories are currently available online at no cost.

These short stories are available on this website by clicking on the links above.

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